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Plain Packaging Consultation Welcomed by NFRN

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 13th April 2012

The NFRN looks forward to the consultation that the government has announced regarding plain packaging for cigarettes but does issue a warning.

NFRN National President Kieran McDonnell said: “This is clearly a very radical step and we hope the government will make its decision objectively and only on the basis of clear evidence that it will achieve its aims.

“We are very concerned, for instance, that this proposal could become a gift to the counterfeiter. Counterfeit cigarettes are already a huge and growing problem and anything that makes it easier will certainly see an escalation of the volumes of counterfeit cigarettes in distribution and be counter-productive to the aims of this proposal.

“We have always been keen to support any moves that will actually reduce young people taking up smoking but would warn of the dangers of moving the control of this market from responsible retailers to the wholly unscrupulous criminal fraternity who cynically exploit any opportunity to make money.”

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