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Latest News from Retail Newsagent Magazine

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 5th October 2012

A weekly round-up of the latest industry news from Retail Newsagent magazine.

NFRN seeks legal advice over Menzies surcharge

The NFRN intends to take legal action after furious retailers discovered they are being charged an extra £8.50 from this week by Menzies for supplies of News International titles.

NI decided to pull out of direct to retail distribution outside the M25 in August, handing deliveries over to national wholesalers Smiths News and Menzies Distribution.

Smiths is holding to the carriage charge template it introduced earlier this year, but Menzies is applying an extra flat rate charge regardless of value or volume for sending out the two extra titles on top of existing value-based templates set in August.

The rise affects 1,900 retailers including Paresh Patel of P&S Iken in Preston who said: “It was a real shock. It’s totally disproportionate. Retailers all hate this rise.”

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It could be You - £50M Xmas Lottery launch

Camelot is predicting a repeat of the sales stampede retailers enjoyed during the Olympics after unveiling a festive raffle to make 50 millionaires.

Draws on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will each see a guaranteed £1m dished out to 25 punters.

Sales director Duncan Malyon said the game would build on the huge success of its London 2012 100 millionaires raffle.

In an exclusive interview with RN, he also revealed that the application process for its 6,000 new terminals in independent shops has been completed.

OFT using 'legal waffle' to defend monopoly decision

The Office of Fair Trading has been accused of standing behind “legal waffle and case law” in defence of its decision not to order a review of the newstrade supply chain.

At a court hearing last Friday, the regulator maintained that the buying public would not benefit from an investigation of the market.

The tribunal was the result of a joint appeal by the NFRN and Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) who continue to call for a review by the Competition Commission to break up wholesaler monopolies.

The trade bodies argued that problems the OFT identified with magazine allocations and availability in its 2009 decision had not be solved.

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Scot's min price drink plan stalls

Plans for minimum unit prices for alcohol in Scotland “have hit a wall of opposition” and any move to bring the measure in for the rest of the UK should be given a full 12-week public consultation.

That’s the view of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association which noted the European Commission had joined Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Bulgaria is lodging ‘detailed formal opinions’ on the Scottish government’s plans, which will lead to delays in implementing the plan.

A consultation is due to start within weeks on bringing in minimum unit prices for England and Wales.

Putting shooting titles on top shelf is just 'ludicrous'

Newsagents in Sussex have reacted angrily to a “ludicrous” proposal by a local animal charity to get shooting and hunting magazines classed in the same category as pornographic titles.

Brighton-based group Animal Aid is seeking to compell retailers to put publications such as Sporting Gun and Shooting Times on the top shelf, to prevent these magazines falling into the hands of children.

However, Anjali Karpal, NFRN southern district vice president and owner of two convenience stores in West Sussex, criticised the group’s actions during a show on Radio Sussex last month.

Speaking to RN, Mrs Karpal said: “It’s ludicrous and not very fair on newsagents. There is no evidence to back up their claims and we are already limited on the amount of shelf space we have for magazines.”

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5th October 2012 at 17:32

Martin Ballinger

No doubt they also want Tom and Jerry banned! and if successful will move on to fishing mags! Jeremy Clarkson summed up these people very well in saying "The problem is they hate people more than they love animals"

Martin Ballinger NFRN HND Retailer of the Year

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