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Important: PayPoint Scam Update

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 24th July 2012

The NFRN has renewed calls for members to beware of fraudulent PayPoint transactions following an incident which has left one member in North London seriously out of pocket.

The member received a phone call from a person purporting to be a PayPoint employee who had all his store details and asked him to run a diagnostics test. Believing the call to be genuine, the retailer did as he was requested, losing several hundreds of pounds.

Meanwhile West Midlands retailer Narinder Randhawa received a similar call in his store, asking him to run a diagnostic check and run off a series of vouchers, quoting the reference number to the caller. As there is no PayPoint terminal in his store, Narinder hung up but has warned colleagues to be alert to these calls.

The NFRN is therefore reissuing the following advice to members:

  • Payzone and PayPoint will NEVER ask you to perform test transactions.
  • To verify who you are talking to we suggest that you ask the caller about your account or terminal such as the last direct debit amount/last transaction performed.
  • Neither company will ever ask for the voucher number.
  • You should never process a transaction without a customer present.

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