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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 28th November 2013

Distribution of newspapers and magazines is carried out predominantly by two news wholesalers, Smiths News and Menzies Distribution.

In some areas of the country distribution of News International titles (The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times) is carried out by News International’s own distribution arm.

Wholesalers agree distribution contracts with publishers normally for five years. These contracts provide exclusivity of distribution within nominated post code areas for the wholesalers. This means that you have to take your supply of newspapers and magazines from the wholesaler appointed to distribute within your area.

Wholesalers will deliver to you every day at an agreed delivery time subject to the supplies arriving at the wholesalers premises on time. The delivery time is referred to as the Required Delivery Time (RDT). At the point and time of delivery your unsold copies from the previous day will also be collected.

Full details of managing the relationship with your wholesaler is explained in more detail in 'The Wholesaler Paperwork & Systems Explained' section later on.


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