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Smart Buying and Pricing

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 3rd June 2015

NFRN Direct offers all the convenience of one monthly invoice for a wide range of the goods and services your business needs every day.

How does it work?

  1. Joining NFRN Direct will give you access to our deals on nearly 200 different lines and services - all of them the kind of lines your business needs for sales and profit.
  2. You just order from the supplier, you will receive an invoice from the supplier for your records but we will pay it on your behalf. On or around the 10th of the month you will receive a statement from us showing all your purchases from NFRN Direct suppliers and on the 21st of the month we will debit your account by the amount shown on the statement.  This means you will benefit from up to 7 weeks credit.
  3. All your purchases from NFRN Direct suppliers will contribute to the annual cash rebate you will receive.  There is no limit to the amount of the cash rebate you can earn and this is only dependent on the level of your purchases.  An average member should earn over £200 pa.
  4. NFRN Direct has contracted the day to day operations of the scheme to Bridewell Direct Ltd.

How to join NFRN Direct

To enquire online and for more information about NFRN Direct, please visit our Latest Deals section

You can also join NFRN Direct by contacting the NFRN Helpline on 0800 121 6376.

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