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NFRN Member Benefits

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 18th December 2014

As a member you have access to a range of benefits, resources and support.

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A free member legal helpline for telephone based legal advice available 24 hours a day.

Access a comprehensive package of legal support for your business to ensure you stay on top of complex legislation changes.
Dedicated member call centre to assist you with all queries and new business opportunities.
Specialises in providing commercial deals for products and services tailor-made for news retailers.
Exclusive membership buying group, with central invoicing system offering up to 7 weeks credit.
Our new member service, can offer confidential support, direction and solutions to financial worries.
NFRN members own credit union with account and borrowing facilities.
Providing members with shop and household cover tailored to the needs of newsagents.
Free member magazine keeping you up to date on all industry and business developments.
NFRN Online is where you will find all the information you need to run a more effective business, plus catch up on all the latest industry and district news.
Access a range of online discounts though our new and exclusive NFRN Wider Wallet service.
Get your share of central income received from suppliers and earn cash rewards for your participation in commercial activities.
Working to make sure all your concerns and opinions are represented and heard by MP's/MSP's and industry decision makers.

Other benefits include news deliverers insurance, grants and loans, convalescence, sickness and death benefits.

NFRN Members’ Business Guide

As an NFRN member you have access to a wealth of services, and benefits and a team of people who have just one purpose – to help and support you. So do keep this guide handy and remember to use it to develop new store opportunities.

 Download 'Members’ Business Guide 2014-2015'

If you would like a printed version of the Guide please contact the NFRN Helpline on 0800 121 6376 (free from UK landline phones) and we will send one out.

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