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Latest initiatives marks a real milestone for Federation

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Published by: Joe Lenane | Published Date: 11th October 2012

National President Alan Smith highlights some of the latest initiatives that will help put more money in your tills.

Alan Smith blog photoTo continue to put more money in your tills, especially from newspapers and magazines, was one of the key objectives I set myself when elected as your National President so I am delighted to announce some exciting new ways in which we are achieving just that.

The Match Attax initiative marks a real milestone for the Federation as it is the first time we have
secured an exclusive trading card for members and it gives you a real chance to score over the multiples when it comes to selling this latest collection. So I would urge you to please make your customers aware that the limited edition Peter Crouch card is only available from your store by displaying all the PoS material provided and make sure that if your stocks are running low that you order more from your supplying wholesaler.

Equally pleasing is our deal with Trinity Mirror’s regional press*, which will put back into your pockets money that would otherwise have disappeared when recent price rises failed to be accompanied with pro-rata margin increases. I cannot emphasis enough the importance for all affected members to register with the Helpline to make sure you get back the money you deserve.

After years of lobbying by the NFRN, News International is discontinuing its direct-to-retail distribution network in all areas except London, providing a significant windfall to thousands of members who will receive back their deposits held by NI. However, delight recently turned to anger with Menzies
imposing an £8.50 weekly charge for these two titles. As well as protesting long and hard, we are consulting our competition and contract lawyers as this is not a small change to existing terms and conditions of supply, it is a new two-tier carriage charge system.

October is a busy month for us with our forthcoming NFRN Awards night in London on October 23 and, days later, our new Independent Retail Show in Birmingham. Our Awards night is one of my favourite events in the NFRN calendar as it gives us the opportunity to reward all those displaying real commitment to their customers. All of this year’s finalists are a credit to the industry and richly deserve the recognition they will get from this event.

Meanwhile, being at the IRS on October 28 and 29 will give you a commercial advantage. Thousands of members will be making the journey to Birmingham – do make sure you are one of them.

We have also taken your concerns to the politicians at their annual party conferences and on November 7 we will be putting the issues affecting your businesses to an audience of MPs when we launch our public affairs agenda for 2013 at a reception at the House of Commons.

I would love to see as many members as possible at all our events but remember, if you can’t make it then you can read about them on NFRN Online.

* Unfortunately we are no longer accepting new entrants for this scheme. However, the scheme will continue to operate for those registered up to and including 31 December, 2014.


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